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GigRadar: Band Of The Week

Kicking off the week with a huge feature from GigRadar who have cited Chasing Ghosts as Band Of The Week, ahead of our EP release this Friday 🙌 Delve in to find out more.

"Don’t expect the cliché rock songs about drugs, love and girls from exciting British dark rockers Chasing Ghosts. The band explore the human condition with emotive lyrics delivered through haunting vocals against a backdrop of engaging, atmospheric instrumentals in a sound they describe as “dynamic, emotive and cathartic.”" - Rob, Editor, GigRadar

“We were lucky enough to have our songs mixed and mastered by Jaime Gomez Arellano, who has worked with huge bands such as Paradise Lost, Ghost, Myrkur, to name a few, so listeners can expect to hear a bigger, more dynamic and poignant sound.” - Lee, Chasing Ghosts

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